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About Our Studio

Galaxy Infra Interior Design Consultants Pvt Ltd, We believe creating beautiful space for both business and individual. We aimed at deriving a cohesive building that reflects the intent of design and the nature of the site.

Professional team of architects and interior designers at GIIDCPL are committed to create and deliver most impeccable design solution. Our portfolio includes residence/apartment/ bungalows, showrooms, offices, laboratories, commercial projects, industrial buildings, hotels/restaurants, hostels, clubs, colleges and malls. Our work is featured by clean lines, ability to cover spaces with best approach, understanding of requirements and deliver it perfectly.

Galaxy Infra have a team of experienced architects and interior designers in Ahmedabad worked on many residential and big business projects. Customer satisfaction is our goal, with talented team of dedicated professionals take any opportunity as challenge and deliver service to inspire innovation. We are focused on creating high-quality cad solution that play significant role more approachable and understandable to present customized environment through creativity and advanced technology. Only through strategic planning and ultimate design execution we can capture the perfect insight. Thus, we present best design and architecture solution via advanced technology and creative combination of strategic planning. Dedication to maintaining unique approach through supportive communication, responsive time, adequate budget, latest technology, effective design and excellence standard has played a great role to satisfy clients in the past. We strive to continue serving our clients with the same level of dedication and prompt communication process.

Galaxy Infra Interior Design Consultants Pvt Ltd emanates the exquisite and finer things in life by designing and shaping beautiful world around. We believe that the client satisfaction is the ultimate reward of our work. We are building environment of lasting impression through creativity, advanced technology, leadership, quality management, team work and innovation.


  • Avoid costly mistakes

  • Saving of time, fast turnaround time

  • Affordable architectural and interior designing

  • Customized and personalized solution

  • Work more efficiently

  • Get more precision and control

Win hearts and stay happy!

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